socket-33137_640You’ve been hearing about the internet of objects. You’ve been hearing about Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites that are empowering individual inventors and ushering in a new wave of innovation. The Ninjasphere is just one of the fantastic new products that have been invented, crowdfunded, and are now in production. You can get yours as early as October, 2014.

 What Is A Ninjasphere & Why Do I Want One?

The Ninjasphere is a device that makes your home or office ‘smart.’ It consists of a wireless and Bluetooth-compatible central control module and one or more smart sockets that plug into wall outlets around your home or office. Any device plugged into a smart socket can be monitored by the Sphere, and the Sphere communicates with you, sending messages to your PC, your handheld, or your smartwatch.

 Master Of Your Universe

Using this technology, you can remotely control lighting, heating and air conditioning, and any other device plugged into a smart socket. The device can send you reminders when you’ve left the building with certain appliances still running, and it allows you to power them down remotely. You can also set up conditional responses, so that if you’re coming in early and it’s still dark outside, you can tell the Sphere to wake up the office, turning lights and equipment on, starting the coffee, and generally making the place nice to walk into. If you experienced a sudden cold snap in your town, you can order the device to turn the heat on to get your office warmed up for you. The possibilities are endless.

It doesn’t stop at just appliances though. You can tag smartphones with the device and keep track of key staff members. Are they in the building, or no? Are they on the move? Where in the building are they? You can pull up a floor plan of your office and tell exactly where your people are.

You can also tag important pieces of equipment, and the Ninjasphere will tell you if and when those items are being moved. In short, it brings your office to life, and puts its control at your fingertips.

Open Source Means Ninjasphere Will Just Get Better

Despite being in its infancy, this is already a robust technology that can handle connections with a vast array of devices, and this is just the first step. Perhaps best of all, the Ninjasphere project is open source, which means that there are a legion of enthusiasts adding to its capabilities all the time. More and more objects being added, more and more communications options, and most excitingly, increasingly advanced if-then-that conditions that can automate vast swaths of your office. The device can even monitor energy usage and using the data collected from it, you can start making smarter decisions about how you can save money month to month on your power bill.

The future is arriving on the crest of a wave of technological advancement the likes of which the world has never seen. Innovation is not being driven by deep pocketed R&D firms and giant corporations, but by millions upon millions of creative individuals with a vision and a dream, and the will to make it a reality. You need but make the choice to participate in the future that is unfolding before you at a blistering pace, and enjoy the journey it will take you on.  If you get a Ninjasphere, you’ll unock the hidden potential of your office and take control of your environment in ways that seemed like science fiction just a few short years ago.

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